Abu Dhabi: Sunset Camel Trek & Barbecue Dinner

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Experience the beauty of the Arabian desert on a camel trek through the dunes at sunset. Journey back in time to ancient Arabia and take part in traditional activities, such as henna tattoos and smoking shisha. Enjoy a barbecue dinner at a desert camp.





  • Ride a camel through the Arabian desert

  • Take photographs as the sun sets over the Abu Dhabi dunes

  • Visit a desert camp and take part in traditional activities

  • Enjoy traditional Arabic coffee and a barbecue dinner

  • Be entertained by tanoura and belly dance performances


Full Description

Start with pickup from your hotel or the port in Abu Dhabi and drive for approximately 50 minutes to the Arabian desert for a sunset experience of a lifetime. On the way your guide will tell you about the desert and the camels, including how they live, how to ride them, what they eat, and how long they can survive without food and water. Once you reach the desert, take a short break before starting your camel caravan.

Travel on the back of a camel into the middle of desert. Ride up and down the dunes in the twilight, and take amazing photos of the unique desert sunset. At the end of your 50-minute camel ride you will reach a Bedouin camp, in the style of the camps where ancient Arabic people used to live. Upon your arrival, you will be served dates and traditional Arabic coffee.

Complete your experience of traditional culture by having a henna tattoo on your hand and smoking a shisha pipe. Dress up in typical Arabic attire and pose for a photo with a falcon resting on your hand or shoulder. Then you will enjoy a delicious barbecue buffet dinner as you watch authentic belly dance folk performances and a tanoura show. Relax under a canopy of stars, before being driven back to your hotel or the port.

Know Before You Go

  • Children aged under 5 years are not allowed to ride the camels

  • Unfortunately pregnant women are not permitted to take part in the camel ride

  • If your skin is sensitive to henna then you are advised not to have your hand-painted

  • The tour duration includes pickup and drop-off


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(appears at the top of the ticket)

(must be the same email used to buy the ticket)

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