Abu Dhabi
SoundOpia Season Opening (Breath of Love),Abu Dhabi
SoundOpia Season Opening (Breath of Love),Abu Dhabi

SoundOpia Season Opening (Breath of Love)

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18:00 Thu 27 Sep 2018

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Very good
Oct 04, 2018
Oct 01, 2018
The vibe! So relaxed and so much love and friendly people. The music in the smallest stage (at the house) was definitely the best!! Well done dj's there! and the light effects on the trees ther was great too. The fact that you could bring your own food and drinks; keep that!
Sep 30, 2018
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Sep 30, 2018
The music, the crowd, the Djs were out of this world. Amazing. They were the best. The only reason for going to soundopia is this. The best vibes ever!!


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...Breath of Love

shall be the first thing to start everything with, if the purpose of the act means to reach true happiness, inner peace and love of all kinds.

Everyday and every moment, we and the creations around us evolve as we see, hear, feel, intake and wear the moment and so that very moment we become. Thus, Let There Be Only True, Hearted, Beautiful, Loving Moments to Wear, To Be as we shall start with the Breathe Of Love to this Season and build so for New Moments of New Life to keep evolving with True Good Love in Mind, Heart, Body and Soul…

What awaits all of us this season is beyond what we could write here in words yet to be experienced throughout the season in slow, steady and beautiful steps as we rise the rhythm of life:

+ Art & Decoration Family Team with loving support from Austria, Germany and Hungary are coming to the UAE to help building the three stages with passion by starting with the breathe of true good and love so we can slowly yet smooth and steadily build a loving ambiance for our journeys.

+ SoundOpia will happen only once in two months for more true and loving work on Arts and Culture which shall bring deeper meaning to the festival starting from NYE 2019 with our be-spoke annual celebration.

+ All Stages become Main & Equal!.
This season onwards, Techno Stage (Fire) set up and sound system will rise to Main Stage level as well like the Trance Stage (Water) as a gift to all with International DJs/Producers at both stages.

+ 3rd Alternative Stage Announcement
Unity Stage (Earth): as the Chill Out & Alternative Ambient Roof. This is a stage on the way to be the main center of the whole festival in future. It is where we all will begin and end the journeys at the very central of two main polar stages and where we will have chance to rest, focus, do good and be productive as well as respect, understand and share each others' experience.

+ More productive and interactive activities to utilise the Friday morning and noon time on purposeful workshops for humble but efficient body, mind and soul practices more learning experiences in the rhythm of music.

SoundOpia Season Openning Festival (Breathe of Love)
Dates: September 27-28
Gates Open: Thursday 18:00
Gates Close: Friday 12:00-18:00
Location: Meet us at the other side at Rainbow Island, Abu Dhabi
Freedom of BYOB: As very first rule of SoundOpia, you are free and so allowed to bring your own Food, Choice of Beverages, Snacks, Festival Gears and Tent and only contribute via the entrance fee…
Entrance Fee: 200 Dhs throughout until midnight unless early bird tickets are held. 250 Dhs afterwards until Friday 05:00 am and regular fee afterwards until Friday noon
SoundOpia charges only entrance fee throughout the festival. Rest is all included free of charge from A to Z to bring your own and even your boat transfers to island and back.

Music by:
Techno Stage & Trance stages are both going to headlined by very true and real producers from Sweden & Norway. Unity Stage will spread alternative tunes of our talented local artists & producers.

MarcusHenriksson (Minilogue) / Sweden
Words literally cant express the way he produces and gives it to people at festivals except for some super gifted lucky ones who had chance to join the Melting Pot sets of this very true hearted man. Marcus plays live and likes to build the moments to drop it such hard way to make your day, week and maybe months in the name of music and joy of facing the hardest long built drop that shall go for 3 magical unforgettable hours. A good true Techno and music lover will want to be there from the very beginning of the set... Rest is yours to build and love...

Ticon / FMBooking / Malmoe
They are highly known with their continuous production of Happy & Euphoric Psychedelic Trance Tunes and experience of spreading music at the most major music festivals from Boom, Ozora to Hypnotica, Solstice, One Love and more around the globe and now are happily coming to bring those accumulated energy, experience and tunes to UAE for all of us to build and cherish happy dreamy moments in the morning :)

And coming to even further more important part - our beloved Local Talents, Producers and DJs.
We will be welcoming 18 Local Artists throughout the festival. Full line up as well as their playing set hours will be released shortly that shall rise the joy of music further as it is our very loving friends spreading their very own tunes and moments to build moments.

Stay tuned, true, happy and healthy until September 27 as we, in the mean time, will share developments and updates of the arts being built on the island, line up and further beauties regularly…

Event ended

18:00 Thu 27 Sep 2018