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Cine MAS: The Alternative Film Fest

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Very good
May 12, 2019
Choice of venue, location and films.
May 11, 2019
I loved the great choice of movies, the set up for both indoors and outdoors, especially the more comfy seats for indoors. Lovely ambience, reasonable prices and availability of bar and food. Maybe good to add more healthy options for salads etc.
May 04, 2019
I liked the smallness of the event. I liked that most people watched the same film at the same time, therefore, discussions afterwards were easier as we all watched the same films. Too often festivals have too many films on simultaneously which loses the community atmosphere.
Apr 30, 2019
The location


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The Alternative Film Fest

The world of cinema surprises, enchants and captivates as filmmakers invite us into the
realm of visual storytelling. In the space of specialised film fests, we discover
protagonists that triumph over challenges, performing incredible feats masterfully
depicted and we witness humanity in all its facets and magnificence. These events are
the ones which reveal undiscovered talents and many of the must-see films of our time.
Join us at CineMAS, where you can enjoy a carefully curated selection of the best
under-the-radar short films, documentaries, comedies and dramas, and meet the
people behind these captivating cinematic experiences.

With a rich film programme featuring stories of courage, passion and empowerment, as
well as an outdoor cinema, talks, workshops, F&B and entertainment, you will be spoiled
for choice.

For stories and experiences that’s CineMAS

Event ended