Aqdar Mangrove Tree Donation

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In accordance with the UAE government's approach to preserving the environment and protecting the country's climate for the future, Khalifa Empowerment Program - Aqdar is launching an initiative to plant 50,000 mangrove trees this year as part of the UAE 50th anniversary. The initiative is a voluntary community activity that includes various activities with the aim of enhancing the positive contribution to improving the climate environment of the United Arab Emirates over the next 50 years towards the centenary of 2071. 

There are many great benefits of the mangrove tree. They include;
  •  Reducing the process of coastal erosion and preventing tsunami and storm damage.
  •  They help eliminate liquid pollutants in the water and protect the marine environment.
  •  Improving the quality of water which promotes the growth of different types of coral reefs.
  •  Mangrove trees are one of the planets primary carbon capture systems, removing up to 5 times more carbon from the atmosphere compared to other types of tree.
  •  Mangrove forests are considered a breeding ground for many marine and aquatic fish, shrimp, snails and crabs.
  •  These forests also represent a suitable environment for the reproduction of seasonal and migratory birds.


Jubail Mangrove Park
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


Price from:
100.00 AED
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